My Story

A nice sound

Music & rhythm were no strangers for me since childhood. That passion grew more each day. After 2 years of conservatory (which was to classic for me), and after playing saxophone, I started in 1997 as “Trance” DJ under the name “DJ Tunes”. No theory, no rules, just mixing music and bring others to dance.

After a few parties and dj-contests, I started in 2002 at a local radio station (Top Radio) where I got the eveningprogram “Party Tunes”.

1 year later I could start at RGR fm, a popular radio station among young people in Belgium. I’m still on the air today under the title “Dance Department”.At the beginning of 2011, I built my own studio and started with the production of music.

2013 THE BIG CHANGE: Because there is confusion with the name of the digital music platform “”,the name dj Tunes was replaced by tunes was used as the 2nd artist name and plays genres like : RETRO, TECHNO, & ELECTRO.Ruditunes plays the genres like: EDM/BIG ROOM – TRANCE – ELECTRO. 2013 Was aslo the year of: * making his own mashups * expansion on a digital level *start of productions: the ideas of the songs were there, the finish was not yet …

Music is a gift, You’re the experience!